Software Development and Architecture Team Leader (CTO)


Sumac is software for non-profit organizations, used by thousands of users around the world since 2003. We develop and support it on the Linux, Macintosh, and Windows platforms. Our company is a focused fast moving product group, regularly balancing many requirements and expectations.


This position is located at our office in downtown Toronto, accessible by both TTC and GO Trains. A candidate have to be legally entitled to work in Canada.



– is written in 100% pure Java, about 700,000 lines of code

– interacts with (acts as a server for) websites which operate with PHP code that we have written

– integrates with several other systems (e.g. accounting, payments, emailing) using both APIs and file transfers

– is developed using Eclipse, GIT, MySQL, JavaDB, iText, BouncyCastle

– is distributed as signed jars using Java Web Start.


This is one of the most senior positions in our company of over 20 people. You will be the technical and architecture leader for a growing team of developers. This entails:

Evolve the product:

– Evolve the product architecture, as major new requirements arise.

– Structure and design major new enhancements to the product.

Manage the development team:

– Assign tasks to members of the development team, answer their questions about how to perform the tasks.

– Review all code developed by other team members. Ensure all new code is correct and up to standard.

– Fix the hard problems that other developers cannot figure out.

– Assist in recruiting new developers.

– Along with your team, write code to implement new features.

Provide the external interface of the development department:

– Participate in the product management committee to clarify and prioritize enhancements to the software.

– Interact with other parts of our organization (marketing, sales, support) to resolve problems.

– Interact with security organizations (Sumac has and must maintain PA-DSS certification).


You are the interface between our development department and the rest of the world, so you must be able to discuss technical issues, both with technical people (e.g. your own development team, customer’s IT staff) and with non-technical people (e.g. other company staff, customers).

You have a university degree in computer science or computer engineering.

Your career shows about 10 years (or more) of increasing responsibility in software application design and development, preferably in an environment similar to ours.

You are probably at least twice as fast at writing and testing code as your co-workers. In this new role, you will be expected to provide assistance and guidance to other developers with less experience.

You are aware of recent technology trends and follow magazines or newsletters that keep you up to date.

You have solid experience in most of these things:

– Java

– SQL databases

– encryption

– payment processing- application design and testing

– website and PHP

– spring, hibernate, maven

– Experience building and running web-based online services

– a skilled leader with experience at supervising technical staff

– talk to customers and others inside the company regarding requirements and technical issues

– focus on helping people (internal, customers)

It would be helpful if you have or have had a connection (e.g. work, volunteer, board member) with a charity.


We offer a healthy working environment:

– small team focused on getting the job done- no politics

– possibility to work from home

– health benefits

You will be running the show. This is our highest level technical position.

Our fast paced market means you will be continually professionally challenged.

Three weeks vacation, and salary commensurate with qualifications and experience.


If this opportunity is interesting, please email a covering letter, and a detailed resume to [email protected]

We will reply to all applications. If your application is interesting, the selection process will proceed as follows:

a. Perform some tests (technical and written).

b. A skype face to face panel interview. Please provide references at this time.

c. Day on site interview.